boats + hoes. minus the hoes.

Sunday, November 27, 2011
I'm on a boat!

Well technically a ferry boat, but a boat no less.

I took a short jaunt over to Victoria, which is on Vancouver island. If you've been to vancouver and thought that was beautiful, you MUST go to Vancouver island. Plus you get to take a ferry, which I always love. The one I'm currently on is about an hour and a half total travel time.

Victoria day trip RECAP!

Wake up super freaking early and pick up my moms. Starbucks is a must.

Play angry birds / waste time on pinterest for 2 hours.

Drive to destination. Have awesome visit.

Drive back alone. Get lost twice. But get awesome photos on the way back. (they are on my big camera, to be downloaded later)

Eat French fries for dinner. Get mad there are no milkshake machines on the ferry.

Buy baking magazines, even though you aren't doing any Christmas baking.

Eat a Rogers chocolate. Wish you bought 2.

People watch.

Drive home. Snuggle a cat and go to bed.

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