Saturday, November 26, 2011
I still haven't made anything. I ran out of flour earlier in the week and just haven't replaced it yet. But of course, all week I've been surfing my favourite blogs and finding things I want to bake.

My bookmarks are out of control. With Christmas cookies, and cakes, and quick breads, and brownies.

Time to share!

- This cake. The layers look amazing. The fact that it takes a day and uses an obscene amount of butter should sell you on it. I'm thinking Christmas morning.

- No bake cookies. With nutella. And peanut butter. I showed these to a girlfriend and her mouth dropped.

- Sponge toffee / honeycomb, whatever you call it, it's amazing. Great for edible gifts.

- Pear + custard + short prep time = heaven. Need to find a party to make this for. Or just go buy flour. And some pears.

- apple onion rings. my. god.

- It's soup weather. It's even better with toasted bread and cheese.

- My kick ass cookie exchange cookies. I'm not allowed to make anything else according to the host.

I need to get on making some of these. And blogging about them.

Or I'll do it later.

Remind me next year NOT to participate in nablopomo.