gingerbread people, fully clothed edition

Sunday, December 19, 2010
Do you know what I love about Christmas ? Kids.

They go bananas for Christmas crafts and activities.

This past weekend I hung out with 3 of my favourite children, the small B's, Oksana, Charlie & Kirk.

I love these kids. Oksana is the oldest at 10, she is an old soul. She's coming to that age where she's still a kid, but you can see the twinkle of a tween coming through. She's much more relaxed than her siblings and loves hanging out with the adults. She stayed behind and played Mexican train with us. Side note, if you've never played Mexican train (like me until last night), go and buy it. Such a fun game. The husband will teach you how to play.

Charlie (or Charbie or Char-bar) is 4 and she is crazy. Balls out crazy. I love her, she reminds me alot of my sister. She's got the attention span of a flea, but she is one of the sweetest kids ever. She made 3 ginger people, 1 boy and 2 girls.  I think she put more icing in her mouth than on the cookie and she is a fan of loose sprinkles and marshmallows on her ginger person. She ate so many marshmallows, I swear she was going to turn into the Michelin Man.

Baby Kirk. Well, he's 1 one and half, he's kind of a bruiser. He runs around and grunts, we had to tie his apron to the chair so he didn't escape and as soon we gave a gingerbread man, he smashed it into bits and sucked on its head. Oh boys.

Even my pops go in on the action. He pretended not to want to participate initially, but I know he wanted to.

See the half ginger person? That's mine. He's handsome. And delicious.

After the younger B's went home, we stayed up played Mexican train and drank boxed wine.

Stay classy Vancouver.