lazy sunday

Sunday, November 14, 2010
I had the epitome of a lazy weekend and it was fantastic. Sometimes you just need a few days to recharge and re-energize your soul, but usually that means you get nothing done. That was me for past two days, here's an overview

I made Jello. Raspberry. It was amazing, I always forget how good jello is until I make it.

I started and finished making all of my Christmas cards. I am determined to send them out this year since the past few years I've been off the Christmas card wagon. Now I'm going to send homemade cards. BAM follow that one.

I painted my nails. I think they look funny. I might take it off later. I'm torn.

Cat snuggles and cat naps. Can't get enough of them.

Things I should've done this weekend, but didn't

- Bake for the blog
- Read my book for the book club on wednesday. I don't even own the book yet. fml.
- Laundry

Considering all that I did do, I don't find it that bad. Plus I feel great, minus the food coma after leaving my mom's house for an amazing sunday dinner.

Lulu also sent me this video of cats saying om nom nom. omgilovethissomuch.

Happy sunday!