the realization

Monday, November 14, 2011

As fall becomes winter, the air gets a little bit colder, the rain is a lot more frequent, I try and still enjoy the weather.

Before I become a house monster, I want to enjoy the nice-ish weather.

I like the cold finger tips and the rosy cheeks. The bronze leaves scattered everywhere. The crisp, cool air that you breathe as you take that first step outside.

Armed in my wardrobe of Lululemon, hand warmers, and scarf, the bump and I hit the pavement.

The view is spectacular. A winding trail, in amongst the trees, all golden with fall colours.

I can't move as quickly as I think I can, I have to remind myself to slooooow down. If I don't remind myself, someone does a giant roll to remind me, oh yeah, I'm large and in charge now, maybe power walking is a bad idea.

I'm going to miss this. These fall walks. Not only because I'm no longer going to be able to take a minute to sit and enjoy this view, because of course we will be moving away from the area in a few short weeks. But that it no longer be as easy to pop my headphones in, listen to the latest homefries podcast, and just escape into the fall surroundings.

I just won't be alone. I'll have a tiny person with me.

I think it's finally starting to sink in.