life at the baked life

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Do you ever read your favourite blogs, especially food blogs and wonder what the heck they do when they aren't cooking?

I do.

All the time. I'm so nosy like that.

Well, I'm about to show you what goes on in my life. Ready?

I get up reaaaalllll early to get pretty for work. I usually get up at least an hour before I have to leave. I don't have to but I like to sit and stare blankly at the television with my coffee and bean for at least 15 minutes.

bean in all her cuteness

I need that time to get out of dreamland and become normal. If I don't get this time, watch out. Raving wild monster on the loose.

working breakfast.

This is a food blog, so I will share my eats. I usually stick to a couple things for breakfast and one of my favourite things is oatmeal. It's warm, hearty and since I make it in the microwave, it's easy. I usually enjoy it with some unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon, maybe some walnuts if I have them.

I have to commute to work, in my car, over a bridge for about 30 minutes. It's my time to myself. No husband chatter, no meowing, just me and the radio.

And then, here's the exciting part, I count beans for 8 hours. I'm the baking accountant. Debits, credits, debits and credits.

Now, in a perfect world, one could eat all the treats she wanted and never gain an ounce. I unfortunatly have not found that world. I can't eat all the treats I want without my thighs expanding outside of my pants, and there's only so many skirts one can wear. Every evening, I visit my friend, the treadmill. We have a love/hate relationship. Many of you might know the same.

counting the beans.

I slowly make my way back home, talking to my moms on the phone, talking to the husband on the phone, figuring out what I'll cook for dinner ( I'm not lucky enough to have a husband who thinks of it ), figuring out what I will bake for the night.

It was scones. Apple scones. I'll share the recipe later.

I'm kind of a homebody, I love just being at home, with the cats, reading books cookbooks, enjoying the quiet time with the husband. Weekends are made for wineing and dining, but not during the week.

this is a bad cat

This is pretty much an average day, kinda boring, but I love it.


GIT (grandma in training) Jen