stylish blogger award

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Yesterday I found out from my newest blog friend, that she gave me the stylish blogger award.

I'm pretty floored. It makes me want to shout "Hey Y'all I won an award!"

But I'm not from the south, I'm almost from the north pole, so saying that would just make me sound crazy.

Nikki from the tolerant vegan gave me this award, I think you should visit her blog. She writes about cats, life on the east coast, overeating muffins and sadly, her love for the Calgary Flames.

Before I perform my duties of this award, tell you 7 things about me and give the award to other bloggers, I think I should give the person who gave me this award.

Cookies. Vegan cookies. You should make these. I think they're acceptable for breakfast. Not like I'll ever say no to cookies for breakfast.

Things you don't know about me.

1. I hate feet. They are disgusting.
2. When I was little, I used to eat straight butter.
3. I have IBS and some crazy insides, so even though I make treats, my usual menu is very restricted.
4. I'm almost 6 feet tall (5ft 11 to be exact) and because I like to cook, the husband calls me Julia Child.
5. I have one sibling, a sister. We are 15 months apart, I'm older and much wiser.
6. I have a bath every night before bed. If I don't, I can't sleep.
7. I sing and dance every single time I'm in the car alone.

Now, on to who I think should receive this award.

Sara at 1 +1 = baby because I have severe baby fever and I think her stories about life with baby is fantastic.

Paula at Paula's Diary She's from Austria and always has a wonderful story and an answer for all of my questions.

New foodie at new foodie foods Always awesome recipes, with health and budget always kept in mind.

T at life of T Great newlywed blog. Writing about recipes, workouts, books and all around newlywed love.