sunday reflections

Sunday, January 9, 2011
Sunday is the day of rest. It's the day you should stay in your pj's until 3 pm with absolutely no intentions of getting remotely dressed to go out.  You should also have a great breakfast and multiple cups of coffee.
the groom, me and the husband from left to right

Last night, the husband was the best man in the wedding of our 2 closest friends.  It was an amazingly beautiful wedding, vintage glam, feathers, red lipstick, love and laughs were bountiful. Of course, I was into the wine. I'm kind of a wine-o,  I can't deny it but honestly I don't drink that often so when I do, I seem to REALLY drink.

So this morning I was crazy hungover. I could not function until about 1:30pm. It was sad and really painful. Like usual, I swear up and down that I'm never drinking again and then the wine sucks me back in.

After many episodes of Keeping up the Kardashians and a piece of toast, I needed some hangover food. For me that's a chocolate milkshake (the one and only thing I will eat from McDonald's) and diet coke. After a short drive, the husband and I got milkshakes and it was the best thing ever. I have not had one in years and it just may be the dehydration but ohmygoshitwasamazing.

Now, a girl can't shouldn't live on chocolate milkshakes alone so I needed to rustle up some dinner.

Beans, tortillas and Mexican cheese sounded like the easiest and best thing. So I roasted up a pork tenderloin using my chili-lime spice from Williams Sonoma and opened a can of refried beans that we picked up in Mexico, along with some Mexican cheese (yes I smuggled cheese in my suitcase. rebel without a cause) it was a great, quick hangover Sunday dinner.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday cause it's outta the pajamas and back to work tomorrow suckas.