there is 10 lbs of butter in my freezer

Friday, December 3, 2010
Last night I went shopping in the US of A with my moms. We do this about once a month. Maybe it sounds weird if you don't live close to a bordering country, but for us it's only a 20 minute drive and our dollar is at parity with the American dollar so it's really not that bad for us.

We go down to grocery shop. Sometimes we buy clothes and such but mostly we're there to look at all the food that they don't sell in Canada. Also to buy cheap butter and cheese. I'm really not sure why they don't sell certain things in Canada, we're so close and one would think our food / drug regulations would be similar, but for some reason they're not.

Last night our finds consisted of 10 lbs of butter for me and 5 lbs of chocolate chips. Butter is unbelievably less expensive in the states and with a baking fiend like me, it helps. At home, butter is about $5 per pound for unsalted. Sometime you can find it for three dollars and change, but it's rare. In America, it's 2 lbs for $5. When you're only buying a pound or two, it's not worth the drive but when you buy 10 pounds of it, it makes a difference. Same with the chocolate chips, they were 2 for $3. Shockingly inexpensive.

I also bought coffee mate eggnog latte and peppermint mocha flavours and my coffee tasted like Christmas this morning. Something I shouldn't of probably bought, but who cares.

I also got some new boots (!!!) but I put them on this morning and by the time I got to work and spending my drive to work thinking my left foot felt funny, I realized that both boots are right feet. I have 2 right foot shoes on. Awesome. Hopefully no one notices.

I also saw this Philly cheesecake filling tub. My mom pointed it out and wondered why they didn't sell it at home. I responded with I'm glad they don't since I would eat it with a serving spoon straight out of the tub for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next month. I have a problem.