memories of paris

Monday, December 6, 2010
Fact : The husband and I went to Europe for our honeymoon.

We spend 10 days in Paris and we're desperate to go back. Like tomorrow.

It was by far our absolute favourite stop on our trip. We fell in love with French red wine, were spoiled by amazing baguettes, meats and cheese and of course macarons.

I knew about macarons before we left, but the ones here are nothing in comparison. In Paris, food is an art and essential to life. It's wonderful to see a country and all it's people appreciate and take so much care into what they eat. Us North Americans have a lot to learn from the French.

While in Paris, I of course became macaron obsessed. It all started when we were walking down the Champs D'elysee and I saw it. The mecca of french macarons. Laduree. It's like I died and went to heaven, if heaven was tinted pale green and it had a counter stacked with several flavours of macarons.

Then we saw Pierre Herme, which has crazy flavoured macarons like ketchup. It sounds too gross to me to try.

Finally I bought some from Le Grande Epicerie. I wanted to save them for when I got home, but because we went to Amsterdam, then Zurich, then home they didn't make it. They got seriously squished. I almost cried when I got home and saw they were demolished. We still ate them, but it wasn't the same.

Which brings us to yesterday. The husband and I got into a fight about silly things, as per usual, he wasn't home like he promised to help me clean. When he finally did come home, he brought me a treat bag. In that bag were 4 mini macarons he tracked down. I couldn't be mad after that.

I haven't eaten them yet and I've been fighting the husband off from eating them. But I cannot wait to devour them and dream about our next trip to Paris.