Wednesday, November 10, 2010
What does that mean?

wfl could stand for alot of things, world food protection, world feed place, work fun place etc.

It means what's for lunch.

I'm very nosy and I like to know what other people eat. I'm one of those people that spies on other carts at the grocery store and judge they're owners based on the food in their cart. Don't be ashamed if you do it too. It's fun. Just keep the judgements to yourself, otherwise you might get in trouble. Nothing worst than getting yelled at for telling someone that they have a skin problem due to the 25 bags of chips in their cart.

I exchange emails basically every morning with a friend of mine who lives in Calgary. We chat about what we did the night before, cute kitten videos, recipes but most important we ask each other whats for lunch. We're cool like that.

I don't really remeber when or how this started, but it sort of evolved from us talking about baking and cooking we had been doing. Of course the natural thing would be to ask each other what's for lunch. I also find that it can inspire me to cook things that I might not have thought about ie. veggie dahl and vice versa.

So, I'm asking today WFL?

me? Cold pizza, yoghurt, red grapes and a gala apple. nom nom nom.