avocado toast

Friday, May 18, 2012

Want a super fast lunch/snack/breakfast that won't take any longer than popping something in the microwave, but it's waaaayyyy healthier?

Of course you do.

Avocado + toast.

And go!

Start with putting a couple slices of your favourite bread into the toaster. Toast until desired darkness is reached. I like whole grain bread and toasted to almost burnt. Yep, I like burnt toast. Weirdo.

Next slice open a ripe avocado.

Eat some chips while you wait for your toast.

Scoop some of the ripe, green flesh on to your toast.

Mash it up with a fork and cover the whole surface.

Now you could eat it just like this OR you could add some salt.

Or a slice of ham.

Or some sliced tomatoes.

Whatever you like.

Eat it up!