speculaas ~ round one

Thursday, November 10, 2011

After I write a post earlier in the week, about how I need to relax, I'm a good baker, blah, blah, blah.

I have an EPIC FAIL.

Oh yes my friends, it happens even to the best of us.

To give you some back story, I come from Dutch heritage. My dad's family is from the Netherlands, my dad is first generation Canadian. During my childhood visits with my Grandma and Papa, they would give my sister and I, Dutch treats.

My favourite treats are speculaas cookies. Some people might know them as windmill cookies, either way, they are amazingly delicious. My sister would dip hers in tea (crumb factor overload), and I would inhale them at record speed.

The cookies are thin, crispy, gingery, and spicy. Sometimes they are topped with almonds, sometimes they aren't. I will eat them either way, I'm not fussy. Ilovethemsomuch.

So why not make them at home? I just rocked out some croissants, no big deal, I can make these cookies.


I burnt the first batch.

I should of just stopped there.

The second batch, after I adjusted the heat and time, just didn't turn out right.

They were bland, crunchy but no real texture. Just crap. Horrible cookies.

I now have 2 containers of cookies I don't like. I hate to throw things away, especially when they are in cute cat shapes.

I'm not posting the recipe, but if you search for speculaas recipes, don't use this one.