Today I'm one!

Monday, October 17, 2011
Today is the one year anniversary of me starting this blog!

It's flown by.

I've met many new people (hello 33 followers!), had lots of visitors (over 22 thousand to be exact), and have learned a great bit since I started this little chunk of the internets one year ago.

I've learned to have my true voice shine through, no matter what I'm writing about.

Take better photos! Get the right light, right equipment, and it will all fall into place.

Pimp your shit out. Wanna get more people to chat about kittens and cake batter with ? Social media. Srsly.

But, really I'm not here to preach, I'm here to show to recipe and kitchen adventures. So, to celebrate the baked life's birthday, let see some of my favourites.

 Crack pie. Always a teeth shattering treat.

Kugelhopf rolls. Worth the wait. Although, you may need to fight off your husband to even try them.

Cinnamon raisin bagels. If you have not made these from scratch, seriously, you are missing out.

Cream cheese cinnamon rolls. That is all.

Rhubarb + raspberry tart. Summer flavours in your mouth.

Homemade oreos. Let the photo do the convincing.

Finally, my most popular post (thanks Pinterest!). Orzo salad. I love this salad, we eat it pretty much everyday in the summer. You need to try it.

THANK YOU and here's to many more years of my crazy ramblings and cat photos. Yay!