summer vacation : Palm Springs

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Last week, I had the pleasure of travelling to Palm Springs, California for a few days with some family.

It was 5 days of laughs, sunshine, overeating, over-spending, and over-tanning.

Let's recap, shall we?

When it's 119 F outside, nothing cools better than a couple of plastic baby pools filled with hose water and a very large, ice-filled glass of lemonade mixed with iced tea. Also note all of the glorious palm trees, you do not see those in Vancouver. Ever.

Watching my aunt skip breakfast, yet drink 3 caesers (aka bloody marys) on the plane ride down.

Going to the cheesecake factory, only to get cheesecake to go and eat it on the way back to the house. Cousin A got red velvet cheesecake, I got oreo cheesecake. Next time, I'm tackling that amazing looking carrot cake. Seriously, it's like 12 layers high. Not really, but kind of.

Try on and buy, tons and tons of maternity clothes. My cousin likes to call them fat lady clothes, which I think is mean, but funny nonetheless since you get to try the clothes on with a fake belly. See below, me wearing fake belly. Looks so strange.

Celebrate my 27th birthday with my family. A Cousin who is more like a sister, an Aunt who is more like a second mother and their neighbour who I had just met, and absolutely love. Going for a wonderful dinner, where my Cousin freaked out when she saw Tamra from the Real Housewives of OC walk in, proceeded to get a photo and text everyone in her address book until some one would answer. I have no idea who that woman was and walked right by her several times, without even thinking. Also, was completely surprised to find a gift from my mother followed me to California.

This baby.

I am in love.

Nikon 3100 has me love struck. Besides the fact of being completely floored that I recieved the camera to begin with, I was now OBSESSED with photographing everything.

Mostly of cats. And food. And new babies. But really, mostly of cats.

Also, I need this. And I'm pretty sure Nikki does too.