Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally, we had a beautiful day of rain.

Usually, I wouldn't care if I ever saw a day of rain in my life, but this baby cooking business has turned me into a sauna.

Real life.

Sunday afternoon, it was hot and humid, overall just horrible. I couldn't cool down. Nothing would help. I tried to make a salad and when I opened my cupboard to get some beans,  the entire top shelf fell backwards. Fantastic.

I made lemonade and then I had a pity party on the patio because I was hot and I needed to fix the cupboard.

The pity party didn't work so well, but the lemonade cooled me down.

Organic lemons + sugar + ice cold water. Simple, easy, refreshing. I don't add much sugar because I don't like my lemonade over-sweetened, I enjoy the tart taste of the lemons, but feel free to add more sugar if you need to.


7 large, organic lemons
1/3 cup white sugar
7 cups water

Cut each lemon in half, squeeze over a large pitcher to extract juice. You may also use a citrus press, but I don't have one, so I use my brute strength. Be careful to avoid getting any seeds in the juice, to help avoid that, place a fine mesh strainer over the pitcher. This will catch any seeds before they fall into the juice.

Add the water and sugar, stir until sugar is well dissolved. Serve in tall glasses with lots of ice to extremely overheated, pregnant women, sulking on the patio.