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Friday, July 29, 2011
As I've said in previous posts, the summer so far in Vancouver has basically been, let's say, non-existent. There have been only a few days of over 20 degree weather ( that's around 68 F for my American friends), and I'm sick of it.

So, I've decided to go on a girls trip with my Aunt and Cousin down to California. More specifically, Palm Desert. I'm going to the land of the heat! The average temperature there right now? About 45 degrees ( or 113 F). I'm there for 5 glorious, sun-filled days in which I will do the following that I can't do at home.....

- get a freakin tan.

- on my right knee.

- shop at Target.

- eat my body weight in cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

- try not to drool at the baked potato bar at the Souplantation

- drink lots of lemonade.

- follow the nightly routine while in the desert with my family, get cheesecake to go, come back to the house, change into your pajamas and watch a real housewives marathon.

- work on my tan some more.

- go to the date farm.

- sit inside, with the air conditioning and complain about how hot it is.

- shop at Nordstrom.

- take care of the little bean growing inside of me.

- shop at DSW shoes.

- sleep in and drink Starbucks everyday.

- work on my tan, and hope I don't burn.

Wondering what the 4th to last one is about? Well the husband and I are expecting a little one. Should be here in February 2012. We're very excited.

Now I can blame my pants not closing on that, not the fact that I've been eating ice cream every night and salt & vinegar chips.

This guy is none too happy about this new revelation.