7 things....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Earlier in the week, I received an award from a fellow blogger, Kelly from Eat Yourself Skinny. Check out her blog, in her last post she's at the derby, wearing a super hot pink hat and eating cake pops. I love everything about that and want to be a part of it.

As part of receiving the Versatile blogger award, I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you may not know and pass it on to 15 other bloggers. Well, I'm gonna do half of it, kind of.

I'm going to tell you 7 things about me but ínstead of passing it along, I'm going to give you my 15 go-to, absolute favourite sites that I visit the most. Oh yes, this includes kitten videos. Ready kids?

1. I must have things in pairs. Cats, people, cookies, you get the idea. Everything must be in even numbers.

2. I've spend 2 years growing my hair out and now, I have an extreme desire to cut it all off.

3. I don't eat beef, because I am unable to digest it but, I beg the husband for big macs when I'm drunk. He tells me no. I love him for that.

4. I am obsessed with instagram.

5. We put a purple collar on bean today and now, I think she looks like a fat head.

6. I have a 2lbs container of dates my mom brought back from California that I have no idea what to do with.

7. Accidently on purpose, I came across a crib I want with every inch of my being. Note : I am not pregnant, nor do I have a child. I'm just crazy.

My favourite places to visit on the interwebs, go.

The Kitchn - excellent noms, great cooking/baking tips and they let you spy into peoples houses (aka tours)

Serious Eats  - great recipes and restaurant reviews, plus they have cakespy as a featured writer!

Blogger - how I write to the world and comment on other peoples food stuffs.

Vancouver Sun - keeping up on current events. yo.

Hootsuite - social media and stuff.

giant hot dog on the loose!
Vancouver Canucks - "shots, shots, shots, shotsshotshots "

Cute Overload - kittens, bunnies and puppies. Need I say more?

Joy the Baker - this woman is a genius.

Epicurious - all you ever wanted to make and more..

Etsy - feeds my handmade and vintage addiction.

Google - for when you need to look up important stuff like, puppy cams.

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - I love her pictures of animals and life.

Kitchen conversions - I always convert recipes that ask for "x" amount of tablespoons to cups. It's much easier

Foodbuzz - food porn community.

Hotmail - writing emails to lulu about cat videos and what we're eating.

All photos are via my instagram account.