it's here! bake sale for japan

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Are you excited? I am!

It's here! Your chance to bid on some pretty kick ass treats from some very talented bakers.

Have you checked out the list yet? If you haven't you need too. Here's the link.

There's alot of vegan and gluten free treats for anyone with an allergy or an animal-free lifestyle.

Even my fellow blogger and my east coast sista from another mista Nikki from the tolerant vegan is in on this.

Don't hate her cause she likes the Calgary Flames, she's good people.

My contribution is at least a dozen of my brownie roll out cookies, but I think I'll add a bit more.

Maybe some peanut brittle, some homemade oreos and antipasto will sweeten the deal?  I'll add those as well to the highest bidder.

Bidding begins at 6:00 am pacific time and minimum bid starts at $20. There will be a "buy now" option just in case you want to secure the item you're drooling over which will be $250. Also note, alot of the participants are willing to ship internationally, including myself.

Good luck and I can't wait to ship my treats off!