bake sale for Japan ~ March 30, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011
I'm so excited to share this with you, I'm participating in the online bake sale on March 30th, 2011 hosted by the tomato tart.

Over 70 bloggers from 7 different countries are involved to help raise some money for Second Harvest Japan, which is a food bank in Japan. This country is in some serious need and needs our help.

This unique fundraiser sparked my interest due to my obvious love for baking and sweet treats, but my love for volunteering and work in charitable organizations.

Also, when this disaster hit, the husband's youngest brother was in Japan. For a number of very long hours we didn't know where he currently was or where he might have been when the disaster struck. Fortunately, we were lucky. He had been re-routed immediately to Sapporo and stayed clear of the disaster zone. For an entire week, waiting for him to come home was excruciating. Finally, on March 18th, he arrived back home to Vancouver after a 37 hour travel through Japan, Taiwan and eventually Canada. One thing he did notice, that the Japanese people have continued on during this horrible tragedy and are still looking out for one another, before anything else.

On March 30th, please head over to the tomato tart and bid on some pretty delicious looking treats. I'll be putting in at least a dozen (if not more) of my brownie roll out cookies , shape still to be determined. I'll be blogging some more about this, once more information has been given and we get closer to the date.

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