snow apocalypse

Thursday, November 25, 2010
the view from my desk
Well, our big dump of snow finally came. I woke up this morning to a good couple centimetres of snow. So instead of doing my hair, I left early for work. I live about 40kms away from where I work and I drive just a wee little car that is not the best in the snow, so better safe than sorry. So after an hour and 10 minutes of driving, I made it to work safe and sound.

Now for some of you, you may think "well you live in Canada, shouldn't you be used of the snow?"
Well in Vancouver, we don't really get much snow. Every winter we'll get one big snow dump, which is not really a big snow dump, maybe 10-15 cm (about 3 - 5 inches)  and then it will rain for the rest of the winter. Most of our snow will stay in higher areas, like the mountains and the city will stay snow free. Because we get mostly snow free winters in the city, the once a year we get snow, it's an all out freak out.

No joke, the news this morning had 10 minutes of snow coverage. It had only been snowing for a few hours. This seems ridiculous because eastern Canada gets HUGE amounts of snow during the winter and you don't see them painting it out to be the snow apocalypse. Seriously it's pathetic how we act. But I totally am one of those people. I go extremely slow on the road, I dread going out in it, I bundle myself up, wear my snow boots, cover my hair (no one wants frizzy hair, the static is bad enough). I am a true Vancouver fearer of snow.

Make fun of me all you want, but I'd rather be scared of snow than live in Toronto.

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